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How often should I have my eyes examined?

Eye examinations vary based on age; for those 6 to 60, an exam every one to two year is fine. Those over 60 should have annual examination.

Can I sleep in contact lenses?

Some contact lenses are approved for up to 7 days of continuous wear, but not all people can tolerate that amount of time. It is important to speak to one of our contact lens professionals to determine if you can use lenses on an "extended wear" basis.

We accept most insurance, including Medicaid.

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How do I select the right frame and lens for me?

We're experts on the latest optical technology, and we'll help you select the most flattering and durable frame and lens.

How fast can I get my glasses?

Most glasses are ready in 48 hours. We do have a ‘rush service’ available guaranteeing glasses within 24 hours. If you need glasses in a hurry, let us know; we’ll do everything we can to get them to you!

What is astigmatism?

When images focus on different points in front or behind your retina, images both near or far may appear blurry. This condition is astigmatism. When astigmatism is combined with hyperopia (farsightedness), it is called hyperopic astigmatism. When combined with myopia (nearsightedness), it is called myopic astigmatism. Mixed astigmatism occurs when the astigmatism is both hyperopic and myopic - or when the eye has characteristics of both nearsightedness and farsightedness.

What is myopia/nearsightedness?

When you have more trouble seeing distant images clearly than close-up images, you have myopia. If you have myopia, light rays from distant images focus in front of the retina. Myopia can also occur in combination with astigmatism. LASIK can help correct these conditions.

What is hyperopia/farsightedness?

When you have more trouble seeing close-up images clearly, you have hyperopia. If you have hyperopia, light rays from distant images focus behind the retina. Hyperopia can also occur in combination with astigmatism.

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